Golden Plover

Key Facts

  • Nest shallow scrape, lined with lichen and heather
  • 4 eggs, 1 brood, April – July
Scientific Name: Pluvialis apricaria
Number in Britain: 32,500-50,500 breeding pairs
Conservation Status:
in UK Green
in Europe Least Concern
Globally Least Concern

This is a stunning little wader, similar in size to the Redshank , but a dumpier bird. As its name suggests it is golden in colour with black serrations and a black bib under its throat down its breast.

As with all waders, it comes back to us to breed and although not common, we do have them breeding at Lintzgarth.

The other reserve at Thornhope plays host to some large flocks at times as the birds move north in the spring, and then again as they prepare to leave for winter.

Four light buff eggs heavily marked with black are laid in a grass-lined cup and the young are as pretty as their parents being gold in colour with black markings.