Education & Research

Philip Wayre Upland Trust

The Trust is involved with numerous ongoing projects and monitoring programmes to maintain and improve our understanding of the status of upland species and habitats in our reserves.

Some of these are done in partnership with other organisations and currently include a Partnership Agreement with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

Reports / Surveys

  • Water Vole Survey Lintzgarth (May 2023) Read Report

  • Breeding bird surveys at Lintzgarth (Spring 2019) Read Report

  • Breeding bird surveys at Lintzgarth and Thornhope (Spring 2016/2017) Read Report

  • Breeding bird surveys at Lintzgarth and Thornhope in May 2016 Read Report

  • Ptyxis Report Read Report

  • Abundance and breeding success of black grouse at Lintzgarth in 2020 Read Report

  • Grey partridge at Lintzgarth 2020 Read Report

  • Can rush management enhance habitat conditions for breeding waders? Read Report

  • Tree Planting Programme Read Report

  • Reptiles Survey Read Report

Supporting Young Ecologists

In 2018, we provided an Undergraduate Bursary which helped to support an Ecology student in their final year studies at Newcastle University. While we don’t currently have any beneficiaries, we would always welcome the opportunity to support early-career ecologists and researchers, to help them develop their skills in the field of Upland Ecology.

Any request for financial support would be considered individually on its merit. Please feel free to contact us in the first instance.

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